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We make people aware of the beauty of nature, make them feel responsible and show what impact we can create. We reconnect humans with nature with our stories and stimulate and support restoring balance in a realistic and small scaled way.

Classes & Events

We offer custom-made classes and events, based on the level and the wishes of the client. It varies from a 40 min awareness presentation to a course in environmental care, for all kinds of public, from kids to retired people, looking for new purposes in life. We have a lot of experience in presentations for schools and students, both in classrooms as well in nature.


Initiatives and Activities

Keep an eye on the agenda! We team-up with partners and organize our own activities outdoors. One of
the first activities we support and promote is the ‘Fitforwildlife’ challenge, initiated to raise funding for
Caribbean sea turtles and stimulate a healthy lifestyle. These are the type of events that fits perfectly to
Nature Connecting. We are proud to be partner and invite you to team up too!


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Exchange Week

Environment Care with Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium Huerth and OSG De ring van Putten in Spijkernisse.

Our Work

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To get reconnected with nature is a choice. You have to take the decision, and we are here to help you! Together we can make a difference and you are invited to become part of it. Join us in the activities we organize or get inspired first by listening to the wonderful experiences we already had.

Happy Students


We are a Grouped Rural Education Center, consisting of two classrooms, one for infant education and the
other for primary education, with 12 and 6 students respectively.
Since we were educating the topic of WATER and THE OCEANS in school, we came up with the idea of
introducing the topic of TURTLES as well as the POLLUTION of plastics.
We requested the help of Ard and Patricia to explain their work as conservators of the environment and
the life of the turtles.
Also with the help of the families, and after watching some videos of Ard’s work, we programmed an
activity involving the students through tracks where we had to get to the town park, there the team was
waiting for us with a chart on a blackboard explaining the turtle lifecycle.
The students had previously formulated their doubts through questions, which were resolved. Several
activities were carried out with the students so that they themselves could experience the difficulty that
turtles have with the amount of plastics found in their habitat.
The experience, both for the students and for the teaching team, was satisfactory and very productive.

Beniatjar, Valencia Spain summer 2020.

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